Carrier Oils

All of our essential oils are organic or ethically wildcrafted. We are happy to customize essential oil blends to fit your individual needs.

Carrier OilCompany1 oz2 oz4 oz8 oz
Apricot KernelPrima Fleur$6$12$24$48
Almond Oil, SweetPrima Fleur$4.50$9$18$72
Arnica OilHerbalist & Alchemist$13.50$27$54$108
Calendula Infused Olive OilHerbalist & Alchemist$10.50$21$42$84
Grapeseed OilPrima Fleur$4.50$9$18$72
Hypericum OilHerbalist & Alchemist$13.50$27$54$108
Jojoba OilPrima Fleur$6$12$24$48
Rosehip Seed OilAmrita$15$30$60$120
Sea Buckthorn OilPrima Fleur$36$72$144
Sesame OilPrima Fleur$7.50$15$30$60
Squalene Oil (Olive)Prima Fleur$9$18$36$72