Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins

All of our nutritional supplements are of the highest quality, based on their purity, potency, and good manufacturing practices.  We are happy to special order items to fit your individual needs whenever possible.

DescriptionManufacturerSpecial Order
Nattokinase 180sgAllergy Research
Lumbrokinase 60cAllergy Research
LaktoFerrin 120cAllergy Research
PhosSerene Complex 90sgAllergy Research
Saccharomyces boulardi 300mg 50cAllergy Research
Buffered Vitamin C 240grAllergy Research
OstaDerm Cream 2ozBezwecken**
OstaDerm V Cream 2ozBezwecken**
FructoBorate 60cBioImmersion**
Chromium 60cBioImmersion**
Cranberry Pomegrantae Synbiotic 60cBioImmersion**
Thymic Protein A (ProBoost) 30packetsBioNutritional Formulas**
Nanogreens 12.7ozBioPharma
Bio-D-Mulsion Forte 2,000iu/drop 1ozBiotics Research
Bio-K MulsionBiotics Research
Selenium drops 2ozBodyBio
NADH 5mg 120tCardioVascularResearch
Megabiotin 7500mcg 50cCardioVascularResearch
Magnesium Taurate 125mg 60cCardioVascularResearch
Magnesium-Potasium-Taurate 60cCardioVascularResearch
Vitamin K-2 5mg 180cCarlson
Sage Powder Ext. 3ozCNH - Mederi
Ally Smoothie Support 4ozCNH - Mederi
Digest Mend 4ozCNH - Mederi
Milk Thistle Powdered Ext. 3.5ozCNH - Mederi
Neuro Pain Lotion 4ozCNH - Mederi
BiAloe Powder Inner Leaf 1ozCNH - Mederi
V Cream 2ozCNH - Mederi
Centellin Powdered Ext. 3.5ozCNH - Mederi
Demulcent Powder 4ozCNH - Mederi
Trauma Gel 2ozCNH - Mederi
Aromatic Shea Butter 1ozCNH - Mederi
Curcum-Evail 60cDesigns for Health**
GastroMend-HP 60cDesigns for Health**
Ginger Tussin Syrup 4ozDesigns for Health**
Whey Cool 900gr VanillaDesigns for Health**
Sensitol 120cDesigns for Health**
Paleomeal Powder Mix 540gm VanillaDesigns for Health
GI Revive 225grDesigns for Health
Paleomeal Dairy-Free Powder 540g BerryDesigns for Health
Silvercillin Liquid 160zDesigns for Health
Annatto Tocotrienols Black Cumin 60sgDesigns for Health
Silvercillin Gel 4ozDesigns for Health
C3 Curcumin Complex 60cDesigns for Health
Vessel Forte 120cDesigns for Health
Glucosamine Sulfate 1000mg 180vcDesigns for Health
B Supreme 120cDesigns for Health
HTN Complex 120cDesigns for Health
Lipoic Acid Supreme 60cDesigns for Health
Vitamin D Supreme w/K 5,000IU 60cDesigns for Health
Osteoforce 120tDesigns for Health
Super Liquid Folate 1ozDesigns for Health
Homocysteine Supreme 60cDesigns for Health
Magnesium Glycinate Chelate 120cDesigns for Health
Silvercillin Spray 4ozDesigns for Health
Magne-Gel 8ozDesigns for Health
Ferrochel Iron Chelate 120vcDesigns for Health
Vitamin D Synergy w/ K 2,000IU 120 vcDesigns for Health
Dry Vitamin E 400iu 90cDouglas
Inositol 650mg 100cDouglas
Borage Seed Oil 1000mg 90sgDouglas
Calcium Citrate 250mg 250tDouglas
Vitamin B-12 2500mcg 60sublingul tabsDouglas
Molybdenum Picolinate 500mcg 60cDouglas
Calendula Vitamin A Rectal Suppository 12 supEarth's Botanical Harvest
Calendula Vitamin A Vag. Suppository 7supEarth's Botanical Harvest
Herbal Astringent Rectal Suppository 12supEarth's Botanical Hearvest
Cimicifuga-Dioscorea Vitamin E Vag. Suppository 7supEarth's Botanical Hearvest
Essential Oil Vag. Suppository 7supEarth's Botanical Hearvest
Herbal Vaginal Suppository 7supEarth's Botanical Hearvest
Chaparral Leaf Larrea tridentata 400mg 90vcEclectic Institute**
Stillingia Linament 2dramsEclectic Institute**
Urtica Dioica Stinging Nettle Leaf 300mg 90vcEclectic Institute**
Tri Salts 200grEcologicalFormulas
PectaSol MCP 454grEcoNugenics**
HonoPure 120cEcoNugenics
Coconut Milk Powder 14ozEnerhealth Botanicals
Total Body Detox & Colon Cleanse 10.3ozEnerhealthBotanicals
Ultra Ginkgo 120cEnzymatic Therapy
Acid-A-Cal 100vcEnzymatic Therapy
Liv-a-Tox 90tEnzymatic Therapy
Vitamin B-12 5mg 100sub tabsHealth Products Distributors
Immune Adapt 120cHerbalist & Alchemist
Bitters Compound 2ozHerbalist & Alchemist
Pharma Kava 200mg 60cHerbPharm
Super Echinacea 350mg 60tHerbPharm
Mullein Garlic Compound 1ozHerbPharm
Herbal Ed's Salve 24gHerbPharm
Men Over 40 Iron Free 120tInnate Response Formulas
Women Over 40 120tInnate Response Formulas
Women's Multi 90tInnate Response Formulas
Flora 200-14 7 Day Intensive Probiotic 200billion 7cInnate Response Formulas
Green Tea Elite with EGCG 60cIntegrative Therapeutics**
GrapeSeed PCO Phytosome 100mg 90cIntegrative Therapeutics
Saventaro 90cIntegrative Therapeutics
Cyto Redoxin 60cIntegrative Therapeutics
Similase 180vcIntegrative Therapeutics
Super Milk Thistle X 120vcIntegrative Therapeutics
Similase Sensitive Stomach 180cIntegrative Therapeutics
Pantehine Plus 90tIntegrative Therapeutics
Gugulplex 90tIntegrative Therapeutics
Energizing Iron w/ Eleuthero 90sgIntegrative Therapeutics
Cortisol Manager 30tIntegrative Therapeutics
Adrenal Cortex Fractions 60cIntegrative Therapeutics
Mucaplex100tIntegrative Therapeutics
Krebs Magnesium Potassium Chelates 120tIntegrative Therapeutics
Mentharil 60sgIntegrative Therapeutics
Rhizinate 3X German Chocolate Chewable 90tIntegrative Therapeutics
CoQ10 QH-Absorb Ubiquinol 200mg 60sgJarrow
L-Carnitine 500mg 180cJarrow
L-Carnosine 500mg 90cJarrow
CoQ10 QH-Absorb Ubiquinol 100mg 60sgJarrow
CoQ10 Q-Absorb 100mg 120cJarrow
Glucosamine+Condriontin+MSM 240cJarrow
Jarro-Dophilus EPS 120vcJarrow
CoQ10 200mg 60cJarrow
JarrowSil 2ozJarrow
Acetyl L-Carnitine 500 60cJarrow
N-Acetyl Tyrosine 350mg 120cJarrow
Arginine 1000 100tJarrow
Lutien 20mg 60sgJarrow
Vitamin D3 1000 IU 200sgJarrow
L-Tyrosine 500mg 100cJarrow
Coriolus Versicolor 150vcJHS**
Cordyceps sinensis 400mg 150vcJHS**
Immune Builder 150vcJHS
Reishi Gano 161 150vcJHS
Chaga 150vcJHS**
Glycine Powder 1000gr bagJoMar
Glycine Powder 150gr bottleJoMar
Therbiotic Complete 25+ billion 120cKlaire Labs
Therbiotic Complete Powder 2.1ozKlaire Labs
Vitaspectrum 5.8ozKlaire Labs
ProsStay 180cLife Enhancement Products
K-9 Fidonutrients 32ozLiquid Health
K-9 Glucosamine Hip & Joint Formula 32ozLiquid Health
K-9 and Kitty Calmer 59mlsLiquid Health
Visual Ocuity 10mlLongevity Science
Active Manuka Honey UMF 16+ 17.5ozManuka Honey USA
Manuka Oil 25mlsManuka Honey USA
T-Relief Ointment 100gmMediNatura
Candi-Bactin AR 60sgMetagenics**
Licorice Plus 60tMetagenics**
Chrysin 500MRM
Botanical Treasures 180cNatura Health Products
Artemis Plus 80cNatura Health Products
Botanabol 150cNatura Health Products
Cell Guardian 90cNatura Health Products
Botanical Treasures PowderNatura Health Products
ImmuCare II 180cNatura Health Products
Beyond Essential Fats 8fl ozNatura Health Products
Beyond Whey 300grNatura Health Products
Inflamaway 80cNatura Health Products
NutriOne 200gNatura Health Products
ImmuCare II Powder 100grNatura Health Products
Vibrant Mind 90cNatura Health Products
ImmuCare I 180cNatura Health Products
PhytoCyto 4ozNatura Health Products
CVResQ 60cNatura Health Products
Tranqulity 90cNatura Health Products
Beyond Essential Fats 150cNatura Health Products
Coydalis Plus 90cNatura Health Products
ImmuCare I Powder 100grNatura Health Products
Aller-Res-Q 150 chewable tabsNatura Health Products
Night Gain 90cNatura Health Products
Up-Lift 90cNatura Health Products
Ig SensitizerNatura Health Products
ThermoFit 90cNatura Health Products
Cho-Less 90cNatura Health Products
MenoBreeze 60cNatura Health Products
Power Adapt 60cNatura Health Products
Sea Buckthorn 60cNatura Health Products
Vital Adapt caps 60cNatura Health Products
JTL Mobility 90cNatura Health Products
Serenoa Supreme 60cNatura Health Products
Lung & Bronchial 4ozNatura Health Products
Amino Max 90cNatura Health Products
Cardio Tonic BP 90cNatura Health Products
Flew Away 90cNatura Health Products
Throat & Gland 2ozNatura Health Products
S-Clear 2ozNatura Health Products
Vitamin DAK 60cNatura Health Products
Nasal Spray Saline/Aloe 1.5ozNaturade
MSM Eye DropsNatural Eye Care
Fruit Anthocyanins 8ozNatural Health
Ortho-K Thick (Night Time) 10mlNatural Ophthalmics, Inc.
Organic, Non-ToxicTea Bags 50bagsNatural Tea Bags
HeartCare Hawthorn Ext 120tNature's Way
Sea Vegetable Blend 600mg 100vcNatureSpirit Herbs
Bladderwrack 100vcNatureSpirit Herbs
Butyrex (Butyric Acid)250cNeesby**
Pro Omega - D1000mg 120sgNordic Naturals
Pro EFA 180sgNordic Naturals
Arctic Omega 8oz (lemon-flavored)Nordic Naturals
Arctic Cod Liver Oil 8fl oz (orange-flavored)Nordic Naturals
Berry Frutol 10.1ozPharmax
Vitamin C Complex 1000mg 120tPioneer
Calcium Magnesium 180cPioneer
Vitamin C Complex 500mg 180vcPioneer
Calcium Magnesium 120tPioneer
Calcium Magnesium 90t chewablePioneer
Calcium orotate 500mg 100cPriority One
Zinc Glycinate 120gelsProtocol for Life Balance
Beta-sitosterol 270cPure Encapsulations**
G.I. Fortify 400gPure Encapsulations**
Ipriflavone w/Vit D3 300mg 180vcPure Encapsulations**
Pregnenolone 30mg 60vcPure Encapsulations**
GlucoFunction 180cPure Encapsulations
Bromelain 2400, 500mg 180vcPure Encapsulations
Saw Palmetto Plus 120cPure Encapsulations
MSM 850mg 400vcPure Encapsulations
Nutrient 950 Iron & Copper Free 180vcPure Encapsulations
Nutrient 950 Iron & Copper & Iodine Free 180vcPure Encapsulations
NAC 900mg 120vcPure Encapsulations
7-Keto DHEA 25mg 120vcPure Encapsulations
Nitric Oxide Support 162gPure Encapsulations
DHEA 25mg 180vcPure Encapsulations
Hypericum 600mg 120vcPure Encapsulations
Probiotic 5 Dairy Free 10billion cfu 60cPure Encapsulations
DHEA 10mg 180vcPure Encapsulations
Taurine 1000mg 120vcPure Encapsulations
Strontium (citrate) 90vcPure Encapsulations
MegaSerraSilk 400mg 60cPure Focus Products
Super Lysine Plus 90tQuantum
Breast Massage Oil 6fl ozR-U-Ved**
AHCC 750mg 60cSourceNatural**
L-Tryptophan 500mg 120cSourceNatural**
Theanine Serene 120tSourceNatural
Evening Primrose Oil 1300mg 120sgSourceNatural
Elderberry Extract 4ozSourceNatural
Ultra-Mag Hi Effic 400mg 120tSourceNatural
Niacin NoFlush 500mg 60tSourceNatural
Niacin (Vitamin B-3) 100mg 250tSourceNatural
Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray 1ozSourceNatural
Gamma Oryzanol 60mg 100tSourceNatural
Magnesium Malate 1250mg 90tSourceNatural
Melatonin 2.5mg 60t sublingualSourceNatural
Night Rest w/Melatonin 50tSourceNatural
Melatonin 1mg 100t sublingualSourceNatural
Meriva-500 (Curcumin Phytosome) 60cThorne**
Super EPA 90gThorne
Choleast [Red Yeast Rice] 120vcThorne
Pyridoxal 5' - Phosphate 60cThorne
Berberine Plus 120cTrue Botanica
Lithium (orotate) 20mg 90vcVITAL NUTRIENTS
Oregano Oil - Wild Mediterranean Caps 120cVitality Works
Chi Tea Ultimate Green Tea 2oz